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Who are we ?

STC Horse France arose from a merge between STC and Horse France in January, 2004 which the managing directors are respectively Fathi ROJBANI and Robert NATAF.

Horse France organized transport of racehorses around the world, but it had no fleet of trucks and subcontracted all the transport to STC.
STC is specialized in the transport of horses because it has its own trucks fleet for every kinds of transport, made for national and European road routes. These two companies which worked together naturally merged to face the competitors.

Since January 1st, 2004, STC and Horse France make a one and only company which is specialized in the organization and the transport of race horses (thoroughbreds) at racecourses, for breeding and sales on the five continents. The capital of the company STC Horse France is divided between both directors and thus allows to combine the specialities of these two former companies to offer them in only one company.